“Enthusiasm (passion) can achieve more in 1 day than what it takes reason to do in centuries.”
– John Wesley
My passion is to help people …
  • Achieve your business and lifestyle aspirations;
  • Maximise reward for effort;
  • Design your life … prosper and shine.

I can save you money, I can make you money – I help maximise rewards for your effort and make sure your time and money is invested in fruitful areas. I believe expertise and advice is a valuable investment.

I have vast entrepreneurial experience and sincerely want to help you. I therefore put myself into the equation as though your business is my own business.

The possibilities are endless …

  • Ideas … Think.  Explore.  Create.  Soar.

  • Analysis of where you are at, where you want to go and how to get there.

  • Define & develop foundations for maximum results and effectiveness:

    • identify differentiating factors, potential markets, profitable sources of income
    • market research, competitive analysis, positioning in the market
    • pricing and profitability
    • establish your product/service in the market
    • create awareness and desire for your product/service
    • promotion and distribution avenues for your product/service
    • revamp or create impacting communication materials including website
  • Increase sales and revenue:

    • strategise and implement new ideas
    • generate long-term repeat business and referrals
    • business development, cold calling, setting up appointments
    • customer service and follow through plans
  • Thrive … enjoy astounding success:

    • prioritise ideas and soar as your objectives are actualised
    • leadership, coaching and support
    • organisational enhancements
    • explore communication opportunities

I have the business acumen to help you achieve your objectives, whatever they may be.

I ask lots of questions to understand your personal and organisational desires, your unique situation.  You are not a number.  The “Ideas” and “Action” is tailored to you.

I provide ideas and insights as I am working “on” the business, not “in” the business.  I am an outside perspective – I can see what you don’t see. Or maybe you can see “it” and are aware of “it” but don’t know what to do about “it”.  We work together as a team.


What would you like me to “do” or “organise” for you? The possibilities are endless …

What do you know that you need to do? something beneficial, but you don’t want to do it, or don’t have the time, resources or ability to do it?

What I won’t do …  I don’t see any point in charging someone for a business or marketing plan if they don’t have the capacity to implement what’s in it (either by doing it themselves or by getting someone like me to put it into action) and therefore it sits gathering dust.  I would rather identify a few key areas that need action, do it, and see results.

Who is the Ideas Lady?

“Meeting Tricia was very fortuitous for us. As small business owners with a passion for and a belief in our product we were keen to grow our business but lacked marketing skills.

We attended workshops and read online articles looking for ideas and ways to promote our products. Whilst this helped, we knew that we needed to do more but didn’t know how to go about it or where else to look for help.

When we met Tricia we decided to jump in and see what happened. It became immediately obvious that Tricia is dedicated, organised and reliable. She achieved more in a few hours than we had in weeks.

Tricia has been very generous with her knowledge and her time. She does her research, plans and sets goals and achieves them.

We hired Tricia to set appointments in what seemed to us to be a closed industry. Not only has she delivered but she has also offered helpful marketing ideas and suggested website improvements along the way.

We highly recommend Tricia for anyone serious about making their business a success.”

– Tim and Tali, Memorial Glass